Toy rentals for business

Elevate your customers' experience.

A ready-to-use service, so you don't have to worry about a thing, and you can focus on your core business.

Maximize your business's play area with our toy rental service and 5 key benefits.

1. Cost-Efficiency

Renting Montessori toys is a cost-effective solution for businesses like cafes or waiting rooms, allowing them to offer an educational and entertaining space without the need for a substantial upfront investment.

2. Attracting and Retaining Customers:

Offering a Montessori-inspired play area can be a unique competitive advantage for your business, attracting families with young children and encouraging repeat visits.

3. Positive Brand Image

Businesses that prioritize child-friendly and educational spaces build a positive brand image, a commitment to the well-being and a sense of community, encouraging families to spend more time in your establishment.

4. Toy Rotation

Every two months we will deliver new Montessori toys, keeping your play area attractive and exciting for children, offering them new discoveries with every visit, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses with waiting rooms, daycares or cafes.

5. Easy Maintenance

Our service include cleaning, maintenance and renewal of toys every two months, saving your business time and effort in managing the toys and ensuring a consistently clean and safe play environment.

Free delivery and exchanges every 2 months.

Cleaning and toy inspection

Toys curated by Montessori teacher

Option to buy toys at 15% off

Are you a business in healthcare, child care, or hospitality?

If your business has a waiting room or welcomes families with young children, we've got you!
Waiting room
Play space

We offer flexible and customizable solutions to businesses.

Do you need help designing the play space in your establishment?

We offer a full-service solution tailored to your needs.

Let us assist you in setting up your play area with furniture, shelves and toy selection.

Allow us to fully customize a play area that caters to your customers' needs.

Not sure what toys your business needs?

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