Always being intentional and making a difference in children's life.

Children should be hungry for knowledge, not food.

Since 1994, Breakfast Club of Canada has been working with partners from all sectors to help children access a nutritious breakfast and reach their full potential. Accredited by Imagine Canada for its effective governance and recognized by Aliments du Québec for its promotion of local food products, the Club helps reach more than 420 000 children in over 3,000 school nutrition programs across the country.

Their ultimate goal: breakfast for every child, every day.

Why we give

There are many reasons why a child might not eat breakfast at home. Breakfast programs ensure that all students have reliable access to nutritious food in a safe and supportive environment in order to positively impact health and learning.

In Canada, 1 in 3 children is at risk of going to school on an empty stomach.

Since we started this company, we decided to join in the mission to fight childhood hunger. By partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada, we established a breakfast donation program so that every purchase made from our store will nourish children’s potential.

How it works

For every item and membership purchased from our online platform we will donate a portion of profits to provide breakfasts through Breakfast Club of Canada.

1 purchase = 1 breakfast donated

The Club ensures every meal includes food choices from all three categories of Canada’s Food Guide: fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins. Breakfast programs put forward solutions designed specifically to be responsive to local resources and needs.

No matter how small of a business we are, we remain committed to taking part in helping children achieve success, one breakfast at a time.

Every purchase makes a difference.

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