Memory Game

Monti Kids

Safety Age Grade: 24 Month-old +

Area of development

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This set of 20 cards features vibrant and colorful illustrations that reveal matches of opposite sets, such as Day and Night or Open and Closed.

Designed to promote cognitive development, memory retention, and language skills, this memory game is perfect for children aged 2 and up. Playing the game helps children develop their memory and recognition skills while also introducing them to new concepts and vocabulary.

Each card in the set is made from high-quality and durable cardstock, ensuring that they can withstand the rough handling of toddlers. The compact size of the cards makes them easy to store and take on the go, perfect for keeping little ones entertained during car rides, trips to the park, or even while waiting in line.

More about the Memory Game

Playing the memory game is easy and fun for parents and children alike. Simply lay out the cards face down, then take turns flipping them over to find the matches. As children match the opposite sets, parents can help them learn the new words and concepts introduced on the cards, promoting language development and expanding their vocabulary.

From 24 Month-old. The most important thing is to follow your child's own interests and path.


1.61 inches Length x 2.05 inches Width x 2.09 inches Height

Spot clean only.


For sale only, not available for rental.
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Toy Storage Basket

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These White Woven Cotton Rope Round Baskets are perfect for keeping your home free of clutter.

  • The perfect play space organizer!

Use the baskets to store the toys that are on rent so that they don't mix with yours. Put them in your living room, playroom or bedroom, or use them on Montessori shelves.

This beautiful basket is a perfect tool to introduce toys or other play items to your kids, to entice your kids to explore and to store them after play. It will help your little one to learn order and organization and how to keep everything clean and tidy.


  • Premium quality and durable.

This cotton rope basket is finely knitted from premium cotton with soft finishes, without any chemical additives. It is elegant, pleasant to touch and safe to use with complete peace of mind around your kids.