Wooden Egg and Cup Set

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Area of development

Problem SolvingCoordinationFine MotorFrom 7m+

This set of two Montessori Egg and Cup was designed to help little ones develop and refine their motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination. 

Place the egg and cup on the floor in your child's play area and demonstrate how to take the egg out of the cup and put it back in. Expect your baby to initially bang the egg and cup together, this is normal as babies are learning to use both hands and sides of their body to do things. 

With practice, your baby will eventually learn how to turn the cup over and dump the egg out of it and then, putting it back into the cup. Continue showing your baby how to take the egg out of the cup and then put it back in, and demonstrate how to hold the egg in one hand and the cup in the other and then bring the two together. Your baby will get a good grasp of all these actions with your continued support and demonstrations.

Once your little ones get more confidence with this exercice, you can introduce the ball and the Cup for a more challenging activity.

Safety age grade recommended by manufacturer: From 7m+

Natural hardwood and finished with Beeswax.

Egg and Cup: 1.5 inches diameter, 4.5 inches heigh. Ball: 2 inches Diameter, its cup is 2.5 inches diameter and 1.5 inches height.

Wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Dry immediately. Do not submerge in water or have prolonged contact with liquids.

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