First Permanence Object Box

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Safety Age Grade: 7 month-old+

Area of development

Fine MotorLogicalCoordinationGross Motor
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The Permanence Object Box is one of the most quintessential Montessori baby toys, designed to aid early development of cognitive skills and reduce stranger anxiety in children.

An object permanence box is a tool for children to learn that objects still exist when no longer visible.

Studies show that children have a natural love for learning, and equipping them with the right tools is key to their development. Object permanence is a crucial aspect of this growth, and this box can help with that.

Have you ever noticed how babies and toddlers simply move onto the next toy when a previous one is hidden? That's because they haven't yet grasped the concept that the toy still exists even when it's out of sight.

This toy is great for developing motor skills, both fine and gross:

  • Fine motor skills include picking up the ball and placing it into the hole of the box.
  • Gross motor skills include large movements, like picking up the box itself or walking/crawling over to the box.
  • Their hand-eye coordination is also being developed because of their practice in finding the hole in the box and placing the ball directly inside 

More about the First Permanence Object Box

The baby drops the ball into the hole at the top of the toy. It disappears for a moment before rolling down the ramp and out of the little box. Then the attached tray catches the ball so that the work can be repeated. It shows them that while things may disappear for a moment, they come back.

From 7 month-old to 12 month-old approximatively. The most important thing is to follow your child's own interests and path.

FSC-certified wood. 100% non-toxic, water-based stain and finish.

Wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Dry immediately. Do not submerge in water or have prolonged contact with liquids.